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e_underwood ([personal profile] e_underwood) wrote2007-07-06 06:04 am

The Drive to Stonecoast

This is it! In two hours I will be in my car and driving to Maine. This is the first of my 5 10-day residencies. The next one will be in January. At this residency, I'm going to meet all of my fellow students and instructors, I'm going to have a mentor assigned to me, and I'm going to develop my study plan for the semester with my mentor.

The pre-residency jitter hit me yesteday and I freaked out just a little as I struggled with the "I suck" blues. I talked to a few writer friends and they smiled with that knowing gleam that says, "Hey, we all suck!"

This weekend, Readercon will be going strong in Burlington, MA. Writers from all over are coming and part of me wishes that I was going there, too. I would really like to attend an underground panel (everyone would be nameless, of course) that is titled "You're always going to feel like you suck so just deal with it and keep writing". :-)

Ok, it's time for me to sign off for now. I've got to bush my hair, pack the car, and zip over to the train station in Salem to pick up Jason McCarty. Poor guy is likely to be waiting there in the rain.